Best Top 10 Dog Breeds for Family!

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The big day has finally come, the new member will be joining Your family. When you bring the dog home, you want to know you have made the right decision, are they going to fit well with the other family members, will they be kind to everyone. These are questions that generally come to mind when bringing home a new pet home. While there are no guarantees that whatever dog you choose will connect instantly with your family and most importantly with your children.

Here We Have a List of The Dog Breeds For Your Family:

1. Beagles


Beagles are sweet, gentle, and loving towards children. They are a joy to be around and are small to medium-sized dogs.

2. Newfoundland

Newfoundland Dog

If you have watched Peter Pan, then you will know of a famous Newfoundland character as the Darling family’s pet dog Nana was one. This breed is one of the gentle giants as it is a dog well known for its sweet personality. They are also good swimmers.

3. Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Unlike most small dog breeds, these dogs are not easily injured by rough play as they are very sturdy. These dogs may look intimidating but are known to have friendly and fun-loving personalities.

4. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

This little dog is mostly hypoallergenic and is also happy-go-lucky, energetic, and cheery. These dogs may need to be groom daily, but their fur will not give you much trouble if you have a child with allergies.

5. Collies


The breed Collie may bring to mind the lovely orange and white, long-snouted dog from the popular TV show, “Lassie” but that is only one kind. Another common type of collie is the Border Collie, distinguished by its beautiful black and white coat. These dogs are energetic, loving, and highly intelligent and make great companions for children.

6. Mutts


Also called mixed breeds, mutts are just as loving and intelligent as purebred dogs. However, they have the additional benefit of teaching your child about kindness as most of them are got from the shelter. Giving a home to those found at shelters will give your children something to ponder and knowing they saved a dog often helps strengthen it.

7. vizsla


These medium-sized dogs are hunting dogs and are highly intelligent. They will require a certain amount of exercise each day, and with kids, their energy is likely to come out through play.

8. Boxers


These beautiful dogs are powerful, alert, and very athletic. They are mid-sized dogs that be guide dogs. Many Boxers were used as seeing-eye dogs, and during wars, they were used as courier dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, they have a special love for attention; especially for children.

9. Poodles


If you have watched Oliver and Company, you will be familiar with Georgette, the privileged award-winning poodle. Poodles are an intelligent dog breed, easy to train, and friendly with kids.

10. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Yellow, chocolate, and black, these beautiful dogs are one of the most famous dog breeds and are known for being friendly and loving family pets.

So this is the dogs breeds top 10 for family, hope you like our blog. Thank you for reading, Visit our website to know more about dogs and pets products.

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