Don’t know How exactly Care of your Pets In summer?

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we found many people they love to care about their pets, but I saw some of the people don’t know how exactly care for their Furry pets in summer. So with my ten years of pet-care specialist experienced, I will share some problems that arrive in summer and how to get rid of those problems.

Ear infections in dogs –

Ear infections in dogs

In summer pets enjoy swimming and regularly get baths so sometimes water gets deep into the ear canal. A pet with an ear infection will often shake its head, scratch at its ear, and rub it along the ground. The ear can feel hot and be sore to touch, look red, is usually full of dark wax, and smell like nothing you’ve smelt before.

  • Grass seeds need to be removed and ear infections are treated with medications. Regularly cleaning your dogs’ ears with an ear cleaner once a week and always after a swim and bath can help keep infections and the vet away!

Bad bath habits –

Bad bath habits

The summer comes with a lot of mud and crud that pets dig and make themselves dirty.

  • To make bathing easier, apply a drop of olive oil to both eyes to keep them from getting irritated by shampoo, and put cotton balls in both ears to keep water and shampoo out.

Sunburn –


Just like humans, pets can get sunburned, intermittent sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. Rather than trying to cover up their noses, ears, and bellies (the areas most prone to sunburn) with questionable sunscreen chemicals, just keep them inside during the hottest part of the day.

  • If your pets are just too miserable without an afternoon romp in the yard, make sure you have plenty of shaded areas, suggests Green, and if your dog will allow it, put him in an old shirt to protect his skin.

Coat Irritation –

Coat Irritation

Damaged and unwanted hair can cause the coat irritation on pets in summer, So use the de-shedding tool to clean the unwanted hair and get rid of coat irritation.

  • Hank Pet Brush shedding by Up to 95%. This de-shedding tool reduces young & old dogs, cats from shedding by up to 95%. No need to worry about unsightly hair or fur all over your house, beds, or car.

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