Fun and Surprising Facts You Should Know About Dogs!

Hank Dog In Flower

We all know dogs are amazing, right? Not only do they make wonderful pets, but we think they’re engaging animals in their own right too. We’ve put together this list of incredible facts about dogs and puppies so you can understand a little bit more about your furry pet.

Check it out – these weird facts about dogs will surprise you!

  • Dogs can breathe in and out at the same time

Ever tried doing that? It’s physically impossible for humans to do this, but dogs can do it smoothly. They can constantly circulate air, which allows them to sniff continually too. This is excellent news for dogs, since smelling and catching different smells is such an important part of their behavior.

  • Dogs smell in 3D

Wait, what? You probably know that the human brain operates two slightly different images from our two eyes to create a 3D version of the world around us.
Amazingly, dogs’ noses function the same way. They can detect different smells in each nostril, and use these details to create a more detailed knowledge of their environment.

  • Some Dogs Can Run Up To 45mph

Do you have a greyhound dog at home? If so, then you’re likely familiar with just how fast they can run when given the chance. Greyhounds dog can reach a top speed of around 45mph within just moments of starting to run – It’s fantastic, right?

  • Dogs can listen to 4x the distance of a human

This is because they can pick up much more peaceful sounds than we can, which implies they can hear from much further away too.
They also have 18 muscles in their ears and can force them to hear even better.

  • Your dog’s nose print is unique

Just like our fingerprints, each dog has a unique nose print that can be used to identify them.
So if you have several dogs at home and one keeps getting up to mischief, there’s always the chance of catching the culprit by dusting for their nose print!

  • Dogs can smell sickness

Dogs have been taught to detect epileptic fits by smell, which makes them an ideal support dog for some epilepsy sufferers.
They are also able to detect cancer and even malaria.

  • Dogs can make you more likable

In one study, men requesting women for their phone numbers were 3 times more possible to be successful if they have a pet dog with them.
In another study, participants were requested to rank pictures of people on how happy, safe and comfortable they looked. When there was a dog in the picture too, the participants always ranked those people more positively.

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