How To Groom Your Furry Cat In Home?

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Cats are generally very clean pets and they groom themselves,  They are in the habit of grooming themselves by licking every part of their body clean with their tongue.

This habit of the cleansing of fur by licking has several benefits to your pet cat:

  • promotes better circulation of the blood
  • gets rid of dead skin cells
  • removes excess/dead hair on their coat
  • tones their muscles
  • keeps the fur soft and clean

Although your Furry friends groom on their own, you should still do your bit in keeping your cat clean and well-groomed.

Here are some ways to keep your cat well-groomed:

1. Brushing 

  • Depending on the cat breed, your cat can either have long or short hair. Make sure that you brush your cat’s coat well enough to hype proper grooming-For cats with short hair, use a brush with soft bristles so that the skin will not be scratched or hurt in the grooming procedure.
  • Keep in mind that cats generally don’t like to be calm. Approach her slowly and hold her gently while you brush your cat, You can also brush her when she is sleeping or sitting in your lap but be careful not to wake her up, brush her gently.
  • Brush slowly so you don’t scare your cat. Give her treats as you continue brushing her.

2. Bathing

  • Give her the bath when she is most mellow and consider trimming her claws, brushing her, and placing a small piece of cotton in her ears before the bath to reduce your risk of getting scratched.
  • Put a rubber toy in the sink or tub so your cat doesn’t slip. Fill the sink with 3 inches of slightly warm water and use a hand-held spray pipe, jug, or cup to wet your kitty.
  • Massage her with cat shampoo to every part in water in the direction of her fur growth and avoiding her face, ears, and eyes. Rinse off your cat thoroughly with slightly warm water before wiping her face with a misty washcloth.
  • Let her dry in a warm place. You can use a hairdryer on the lowest setting if your cat doesn’t mind.

3. Cleaning the eyes and ears

  • For the eyes and ears which are the most sensitive areas in your cat’s body, there are solutions that you may use.
  • Choose one which is specifically designed to prevent cats with light-colored eyes to grow friction.
  • For the ears, cats collect a considerable amount of wax so you have to take care of it when grooming.
  • Removing this would maintain your cat’s health and help prevent infections. There are also cat wipes that you can use for the ears, eyes, and teeth.

4. Keeping the paws clean

  • Cats are addicted to scratching surfaces so it is better to keep them away from the furniture items in the house. It would also help if you keep her paws clean and trim their nails.
  • You can go to a pet store online/offline and buy a nail trimmer specially designed for cats(Hank Pet Nail Clipper).
  • This is a surgical way where the nails are permanently removed so that it will not grow back.
  • A better and helpful option is to regularly trim the cat’s nails, have them use a wooden post for scratching.

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