Importance Of Dog Grooming In Winter!

Dog Grooming HankPets

Dog Grooming is very important to maintain a healthy coat and to avoid matting. Knots or mats on any dog results infection, and it offers discomfort and pain. A healthy coat is like a thermos which acts as a temperature regulator. A knot-free and clean dog coat are well manageable in winter.

A healthy dog hair coat can minimize the loose hair mess within the house. Regular brushing of dogs ends up distributing natural oil all over the skin and hair.

* Here are some tips by which your dog will stay healthy during the winter season: 

Grooming their paws and pads

During the winter months, dogs will cause injury to their paws throughout the muddy, cold conditions. We must always keep their paws clean and check the hair between them and cut if there’s an opportunity of mud stuck in them. As excess fur attracts snow and ice balls to them. That produces severe pain and discomfort to the dog.

Nails should be trimmed

It is important to keep your dog’s nails trimmed. As throughout the year dog’s nails naturally, modify from regular walks. However, in winter, most humans and dogs reduce outside activities. And albeit you’re still diligent concerning taking your dog to come in winter, they’re in all probability for a shorter period, and over the snow or slippery space, the nails won’t wear that very much like they ordinarily would. And long nails can produce discomfort to dogs too. Thus, it’s important to have proper nail cutting. Because pets are typically less active during the winter months, their nails or claws can seem to grow faster and require more frequent trimming. That’s why we should use a dog nail cutter frequently. We should have a pair of dog nail cutters just like Hank dog nail cutter which has a safety guard which avoids over-cutting of nails.

Maintaining your dogs coat

Most dogs can get a thicker coat throughout the winter season. The thickness of the hair coat can confirm it’s time to groom your dog. All dogs as well as short-haired dogs ought to be brushed and combed frequently, which can avoid matting and knots. As there are many dog grooming tools available in the market such as Hank slicker brush, Hank Deshedding tool for removing knots and mats. Hankpets Slicker Brush is mainly designed in such a way that makes every pet owner satisfied with their perfection, quality, and easy to use.

Dogs Bathing

Bathing your dog frequently is one of the most important things. A clean dog is a happy dog. Throughout the winter months, several dogs suffer from painful chafed and scaly skin because of the mix of cold air, wind. Even they’re coated with a layer of fur. Dogs additionally feel the drying effect in winter. Thus, it’s necessary to use a non-drying, extremely moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for them. Which will facilitate the safeguarding of a dog’s coat. In Hank Dog Shampoo, Natural ingredients were used like Aloe Vera, Neem texts. Glycerine, Slues, Capcode, Polyquaternium Vitamin – E. They have Anti-bacterial, Anti- Fungal & Antiseptic properties. This ensures that your furry friend is guarded against skin infection, itchiness and improves the overall condition of the skin.

The main thing is that we should keep our dog’s coat mat-free all the time by giving them regular dog grooming. Grooming gives them the feeling of mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

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