Is COVID-19 Spread From Animals Or Is It Harmful For Your Pets?

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The global pandemic of COVID-19 has infected many thousands of individuals round the world and has caused thousands of deaths. However, it’s not simply humans WHO are wedged by the unfold of the virus, however additionally pet dogs. it’s not as a result of the dogs are prone to the virus, or that there’s any proof that they will transmit it, however just because folks are afraid and that they are acting without reasoning out of afraid issues for his or her health. There are reports from variety of associate degreeimal rescue societies round the world that there has been an dealings within the number of pet dogs that are being given to shelters, or just abandoned, as a result of folks are fearful that their dog might carry, or pass on, the virus.

Faced with this panic round the globe some dog homeowners square measure surrendering their dogs to shelters, whereas others quarantine their pets within the house, awaiting the time that the “all clear” is also measured. This time, there is no evidence that the virus is spreading from animals that causes COVID-19. We are still learning about this COVID-19, but it shows that it can spread from people to animals in some situations not animals to people.


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