Why should not Leaving Your Pet Alone


Are you a guilty pet parent that is not able to spend as much time with its dog? A dog left all alone at home for an extended period of 9 to 10 hours daily may develop concerning issues such as separation anxiety and negative behaviors such as chewing, extreme barking or defecating/urinating inside the house. The fact is dogs are designed by nature to live in groups and when you adopt a canine, you are naturally perceived by the latter as its pack member.

Dogs like to socialize with their human families. If leaving the dog alone at home for a long period becomes inevitable, you must ask a friend or a relative to drop by each day and spend some time with the dog or take it for a stroll in the neighborhood. Sometimes an animal-loving neighbor may be more than willing to offer help by looking after the dog at his/her home for the specific duration of the day.


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