Tips to Make Your House Pet-Friendly

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As members of your family, it’s mainly important to consider your furry pet’s needs in your house. After all, they deserve a relaxing and safe home, too! Keep reading to see a few of our tips to make your home pet-friendly.

Things to consider:

When setting up your space to adjust your four-legged companion, think about what may be harmful to them in their surrounding. As stupid as it sounds, a great method to assure your pet is safe is by bringing it down on all fours to see things from their viewpoint.

  • You should do this, by looking around to see what your pet could come across while wandering around. There are a few things to look for especially, such as:

Keep your eyes peeled for potential choking hazards.

It’s crucial to be aware of things that could be picked up by your furry pet and eaten that may cause digestion problems. Additionally, consider keeping window treatment threads up high where they can’t reach.

Keep toxic food and medication in a place that is not accessible to your pet.

If there is something for your puppy to snoop on there, they will! So, it’s best to keep things tucked away and in a place that cannot be found by your furry friend.

Double-check that your indoor plants are pet safe.

There are quite a few indoor plants that can pose a danger to your furry pet if they consume parts of it. It’s best to dodge lilies, amaryllis, poinsettia, mums, and aloe vera. However, this is not a comprehensive list of all that you should avoid.

Keep your toilet lid closed.

Your furry pet may confuse your toilet with a water bowl, so it’s best to maintain the lid shut to ensure accidents don’t happen. This is especially important if you have to have an automatic bowl cleaner, as it is a risk of poisoning.

Create their own area

Pets are naturally curious, so it’s a good idea to cut out an area that is designated for them, that way they are more likely to seek comfort in their area rather than search for a new one. Consider making a play zone for your pet, that is just for them! By making a designated play area for your pet, they learn that it is just for play and where they can go when requiring some rest.

  • Keep their toys nearby this space, stored so that they can see they are there without them being scattered around. It’s best to avoid allowing your pet to roam around your house, as they may get a little “too curious” and play with something you would rather them not.
  • In their space, you should have a bed made specifically for them! Look for a pet elevated bed ( Pet Friendly) that is made from high-quality materials that will last and become a place for them to rest and unwind.

Consider grooming them at home

As an energetic member of your family, it’s also important to keep up with a hygiene habits for your pet. Keeping your furry pet groomed provides multiple benefits such as:

  • Prevent Future Issues: It’s important to do things like brushing your pet’s teeth, wiping away tear stains, and combing out tangles as they all help to avoid bigger problems that could occur in the future if it is avoided.
  • Maintaining a Clean Home: Not only does grooming help keep your pet looking good, but it also helps keep your home clean! The more hair that you capture while brushing or washing your pet, the less hair will be left all over your couch and rug or your can use Hank dog hair remover roller.
  • Bonding With Your Pet: When you opt out of sending your pet to the groomer, you get great quality time with them. Grooming builds your pet’s confidence and strengthens your bond with them.

If you are grooming from home, consider picking up pet-friendly Hankpets grooming products for a healthy and happy pet.

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