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How to Manage Your Furry Dog Walking in Bad Weather

Dog Walking

When the weather is right, dog walking is likely the best part of your day, right? But what about when it’s too hot, raining, snowing, or too cold? If you’re anything like a lot of pet parents, you likely prefer skipping the walk totally on such days! As a loving pet owner, though, you know that foregoing a walk isn’t an alternative, so we felt we’d share a few expert tips on dog walking in unpleasant weather.

Be Consistent

Shrinking the length of your walk may be okay when it’s storming out or if temperatures have soared above what you and your fur baby can physically tolerate. Do not, however, refrain from your walk altogether. Your dog must stay on a consistent daily walking schedule to help him remain in good physical health, as well as to help avoid mishaps and behavioral issues.

  • Whether hot or cold outside, if your fur baby has white fur or fur that is thinning in areas, be sure to apply doggy sunscreen before you venture on your walk! Also, carry clean drinking water for your dog and a few snacks to be offered as comfort food as you two courageous the elements together.

Hire a Dog Walker

If, for whatever cause, you totally cannot tolerate wet weather or extreme temperatures, hire a professional to walk your dog for you. This way, your furry puppy can remain on a constant schedule and enjoy the great outdoors without you having to expose yourself to the elements. Professional dog walkers, like those hand-picked by Fetch! Pet Care, are not only willing and trained to go for a walk in any weather, but they’ve pretty much learned the experience of doing so!

Always Be Kind

Encourage, but never push your dog to walk in uncomfortable weather. Watch him carefully for indications of things like overheating (usually accompanied by heavy panting and boredom) or hypothermia (indicated by shivering, shallow breathing, and cognitive decline). Always be kind to your little one’s feelings and if he doesn’t want to be outdoors in undesirable weather, instantly take him home, opt for a few indoor exercises and try dog walking again when the weather eases up a bit.

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