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The Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make During Pet Bath Time!

Dog Bathing

Taking a shower or bath is usually a calming activity For all of us. For our furry pets, when it comes to bath time the most studied pet owners can also make the same mistakes. Every pet has its requirements and comfort level, and as its owners, you need to be perceptive of that. whether you have a cat or a dog, there are mistakes that a very common during bath time.

Wrong Water Temperature

No, one likes getting into water that is too hot or too cold, so why would your pets like it? aware of the water temperature is important to keep bath time smooth, especially if your pet isn’t a fan of water in the first place. Too hot or too cold will create a negative incentive for your pet, which may turn them off of bath time for the long haul. This is the right way to know it’s the right temperature for your furry pet – Spray the water on your forearm first.

Not Choosing a Right Shampoo

Many pet parents think the shampoo they use themselves is good for their pets. Dogs and cats have different skin that dries out more easily when using a shampoo that makes for humans. A pet coat has a different pH balance than humans. A Human’s shampoo will be drying to them. Our Hankpets veterinarian can help you with product recommendations, but you’ll generally want to look for brands that are specifically formed for cats or dogs. Use Hank shampoo with Hank bath brush with a special head brush that penetrates through your furry pet’s coat to the skin, effectively trapping loose hair, dispensing shampoo, and removing dirt, and providing a thorough wash and comfortable massage for our pets.

If your pet has sensitive skin, test the shampoo first, and then look for any types of irritation a couple of days before a bath.

Wrong Brushing Technique

You may think that brushing your pet after their bath is the only time to do that, but that is not correct. You should be brushing your pet both time before and after their bath time. For dog breeds that have a double coat such as a golden retriever, they can even be brushed while shampooing to removed hair in the bath. If your dog or cat has tangled fur, use the Hank Dematting tool first, then start a regular brushing routine. It will not only keep your furry pet coat shinier and tangle-free but also keep it cleaner during bath time.

  • Hank pet grooming products can make your pet Bath time trouble-free for your pet, even if they like water! The most important part is showing love and care to your furry pet and making it a positive activity all around.

Quick Drying Technique

Always Make sure you have towels ready to go before bath time. Use a towel to smoothly squeeze the fur and pull out as much water as possible at the time. Not fully drying your pet can cause trouble and can even cause your pet to become sick. Using a towel to dry them off is the most reliable way to do this. A blow dryer could speed the method up, but it can be hard to control the temperature, and it’s not good for your furry pet.

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