Should Your Furry Dog Sleep on the Bed With You?

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Sleeping with your furry pet may be a very usual habit that is harmless to your health, yet it is an act that includes much argument.  Some animal lovers do not hesitate to choose as to whether or not the animal should climb into bed to sleep, for many, sleeping next to their dogs is a pleasure. Other people like their dogs to sleep nearby but in their mattresses. Whatever your choice, the real question is, is it right to sleep with your furry dog in bed?

Can you sleep with your furry dog in your bed?

However, the real explanation is: It depends. Whether or not you let your dog sleep in your bed relies on your health because science does not approve. Some studies declare that sleeping with a dog helps us rest better while others say the negative. An investigation conducted in 2019 showed that having a dog improves the amount of sleep a person gets, while a 2018 analysis discovered that dog owners fall asleep faster than those without dogs.

Having a dog in bed can affect sleep. Other points such as the number of people and pets, the size of the dog, also play a role. Everything has to be in sync.

Advantages of sleeping with dogs

They provide protection – According to a study from the University of Queensland in Australia, napping with our pets provides us with more safety and protection.

Reduces blood pressure – The Journal of Behavioral Medicine issued a very famous article at the end of the ’80s in which they established a cause-effect relationship between sleeping next to our pet and the lowering of blood pressure, this being a key factor when resting and falling asleep.

Reduces anxiety – It has already been revealed that dogs secrete serotonin (happiness hormone) when they are close or in contact with their masters.

It reduces stress – Sleeping with your dog will significantly reduce the levels of this significance, thus providing better rest.

Improves emotional bond – Sleeping next to someone or in this case, our dog is a very intimate act that maintains the affective bond exponentially.

Comfort – If you were one of those kids who slept with a stuffed pet, now sleeping with your furry pet is the same. They bring you comfort, warmness and help you feel satisfied by synchronizing your heart rate with yours.

Disadvantages of sleeping with furry dogs

Possible transmission of infections – To avoid this, you simply require to make sure your pet is in excellent condition.

Dogs can carry allergens –  Such as dust and dander into your bed,  provoke severe allergies and asthma, and can spread bacteria, parasites, and fungi via their fur or saliva.

Depending on the aggressiveness of the animal –  It can also generate certain harm through scratches and bites, which we can barely avoid if we are asleep. In addition to the temperature disparity between humans and animals, added to the point that some pets snore or can cause scratches.

Should dogs sleep in kid’s beds?

Although children and dogs get along very well, children are more sensitive to germs than adults, especially if the dog tends to lick. Even if the puppy is well cared for, with vaccines management, with its parasite cycle complete, very clean among others, the puppy when going out of the house, can pick up some parasite and bring it home, however, that it is properly dewormed, the parasite will nestle in its coat while the antiparasitic function takes effect to reject it. Aggressive dogs can be especially harmful to kids, and it is more challenging for a child to get quality sleep with a pet in bed. Pets should not sleep with a baby. Confer an experienced if you are unsure if your child is old enough to have a dog in bed.

How to sleep with your dog in bed

There are some tips to obey should, if you decide to share a bed with your furry dog. 

  • Before moving to the bed, walk the dog.
  • Train to wait for your permission to get on the bed.
  • Be tough with the rules and set the rules of what he can and cannot do ons.
  • Use flea and tick preventive remedies.
  • Switch sheets and bedding reg arly.
  • Take your dog to a dog groomer or you can groom your dog at home with Hank pet grooming products.

When not to sleep with your dog

  • Is a new pup and has not had a check-up or vaccinations
  • Is not potty prepared or has diarrhea
  • Has worms, mites, fleas, or ticks
  • Is prone to chewing or scratching
  • Moves around a lot or is big
  • Snores or drools

It’s ok to sleep with your dog in your bed?

As we mentioned, it dependsSleeping with dogs can cause problems, but they are almost usually linked to current health and behavioral issues 0r you can buy your furry friend a Hank elevated bed.  On the other hand, if our pet is healthy, has good cleanliness, and has had a “good education,” not only will there be no problems, but it will also have a good impact on you.

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