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How To Stop Your Furry Dog From Sleeping On Your Bed

Young woman and her dog of apricot puddles meet in the morning in bed

Dogs are great buddies and wonderful pets to have in your house. So naturally, these furry friends will spend as much time with you as probable. Unfortunately, with this, you’ll find that your dog may create a habit of sleeping on your bed. Having their dog join them in bed is not an issue for some dog parents, and that’s great. However, you may find that your dog awakens up too early, is too big, and takes up a lot of areas, or you need your bed back.

  • When this occurs, it is time to fund in finding ways to stop your dog from sleeping on your bed. Breaking this habit will need a constant effort from you to retrain your dog to sleep by itself. Here are some of the things you can execute to help you get started on breaking your dog’s habit.

Get the right pet bed for your dog

When attempting to break your dog’s habit of napping in your bed, the first step is to get an alternative elevated bed for your dog. Start by reviewing your dog’s sleeping habits and positions. Knowing where your dog loves to sleep will help you get a more suitable bed. The topic is to invest in a bed where your dog will be comfortable and will assume it as its own.

  • Before going for a bed that fits your dog’s sleeping position, remember to measure your dog to ensure that you get the right-sized bed. Take a measuring tape, measure from the tip of your dog’s nose to its tail, and add some more inches for assistance.
  • Once you have all your sizes right, invest in a bed that also features your furry dog’s extras from sleeping in your bed. 
  • Yet, the usual dog beds that lay directly on the ground are filled with dust and dirt that is almost impossible to get out, but they also maintain an improper temperature for your dog. Luckily, you can now ensure a safe and clean spot for your dog to enjoy: the Hank elevated pet bed has metal legs that keep the platform away from dust and extreme temperatures. Your puppy will always be happy and stress-free!

Make your dog’s bed attractive 

Getting the right pet bed will not count much if you can’t get your puppy to get on it and start being comfy with it. Think about making your dog comfortable with different pillows and soft sheets to get your dog on its new pet elevated bed. Doing this is a perfect way of making its bed fluffy and more comfortable than yours

  • You could also make the bed more attractive by adding your dog’s favorite playthings. Adding toys allows lure your dog into the pet bed and helps it get familiarized with its new sleeping space.

Play with your dog

An excellent way to teach your dog to start sleeping on its pet bed is by exhausting its energy during play and directing it to its bed to sleep. However, utilizing this exercise method may be tough since you may have a dog with a lot of energy to spend.

  • It may take additional time to tire your dog out if you have an active dog. Get it home when your dog is tired and lead it to the pet bed using the Hank leash. Once on the pet bed, give it a healthy dog treat to enjoy and get relaxed, making it harder to leave its bed in such a worn-out state.
  • If your dog gets out of its pet bed and straight to your bed, don’t force it back to its pet bed. Doing that will teach your dog to associate it with an undesirable experience that it will seek to avoid. Therefore, you may disable your efforts of getting your dog to stop sleeping in your bed.

Make getting on your bed difficult

Secure your bed to make it hard for your dog to jump on it. That will make it more comfortable to help your dog sleep on its bed. If you are sleeping in the same room as your dog, you may need to fund adding borders around your bed. Accomplishing this will make it hard for your dog to jump on your bed. You could also think of adding a pet-friendly gate around your furry dog’s bed. A barrier around your furry dog’s bed is an incredible idea to secure your dog’s stay in his bed.

  • If you like to lure your dog to the bed, make it more attractive by adding some toys. Making it harder for your dog to get on your bed is a wonderful strategy and may help retrain your dog more efficiently. Keep in mind that your dog will grumble and throw tempers, especially when you block entry to your bed.
  • If that happens, try to avoid answering and ignore it since it is a way for your dog to get your concentration and get back on your bed. Keep a close eye on your dog and see how it reacts to the new setups over time.

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