Supplies You Must Have for Your New Furry Puppy

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When you’re getting ready to bring a new furry puppy home, you’re going to have to get a lot of pet supplies. Your new doggy is going to require comfortable, well-fed, and entertainment. Here are a few items that you should be on your shopping list when you’re ready to get a puppy.

Pet Hair Remover Roller

Some people don’t want their furry puppies on the furniture. While it’s understandable that they want to maintain their furniture in fine condition, that isn’t a practical or considerate policy. Your furry puppy wants to be where you are most if not all of the time. Pushing physical distance between you is going to cause your furry puppy extreme anxiety and could lead to separation anxiety symptoms that last for years. Let your dog up on your couch and other seating zones. Use Hank pet hair remover roller, so you won’t have to worry about fur.


It’s going to take your new puppy some time to learn the dog rope leash manners. You must begin your lessons with a comfortable Hank no pull dog harness. Puppies’ little necks are weak, specifically with small breed dogs. Walking your puppy with a leash attached to a harness instead of a collar will help to keep your little furry friend safe from injury. Also, your furry baby will be as relaxed as possible while you teach him or her the world.

  • A harness should fit snugly, but you may want to get a little bit fit. Your pup is going to grow fast, so you should look for a harness that’s adjustable so you can loosen it up as he or she gets bigger.
  • Your furry friend is going to be chewing stuff almost nonstop. This is an instinct for doggies. They don’t have hands, so most of their tactile exploration and relations with the world are through their mouths. 

Dog Elevated Bed

For a dog, having its place in the house is important since it can be the puppy’s refuge every time it gets tired or even scared. Yet, the usual dog beds that lay directly on the ground are filled with dust and dirt that is almost impossible to get out, but they also maintain an improper temperature for your dog. Luckily, you can now ensure a safe and clean spot for your dog to enjoy, the Hank elevated pet bed has metal legs that keep the platform away from dust and extreme temperatures. Your puppy will always be happy and stress-free!


  • The premium elevated pet cot is the ultimate solution for the comfort of your furry friend. Made with durable materials and reinforced double stitching, this amazing large pet bed holds up to 32KG and is small up to 15KG. be ideal for small or large breeds. Your dog can have its place to rest, play or hide so that you will never have to worry again.

Dog Nail Cutter

While most dogs do not like having their nails trimmed, with some patience it is a task you can complete at home. It’s best to start trimming nails in young dogs so that they get used to the process. Use Hank Dog Nail Cutter with Super Sharp Blades to make cutting Quick and Painless in a single stroke. Hank Dog Nail Cutter with 3.5 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades, is powerful enough to trim your pet nails with just one cut, it will stay sharp for years to come for stress-free, smooth, quick, and sharp cuts.

Dog Shampoo

Use dog shampoo specially designed for furry pets with sensitive coat types. Hank dog shampoo is an impressive recommendation when looking for the best shampoos for dogs with sensitive coats. This product is formulated with pet-approved components, including Aloe Vera, Neem texts. Glycerin, Capbcdea, Polyquaternium Vitamin – E. You can use Hank dog shampoo without worrying about your dog originating allergic reactions, which happens to be a common concern with standard dog shampoos.

HankPets brings to you the products that are dedicated to your favorite family members- your pets. As pet parents ourselves, we know what your pet would need. With our wide range of pet grooming products, we wish to play a meaningful role in your and your pet’s life so that they always stay safe and close to you. From dog leashes and collars to beds and harnesses, we have all the products that you need for your furry friend.

  • We continuously work hard to get you the latest pet products all in one place while offering a great shopping experience. You can browse our inventory to shop for high-quality products in the least amount of time.

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