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Tips for Clipping Your Furry Dog’s Nails

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When it comes to our furry pets, we like to do everything in our power to give them a lengthy, happy, and healthy life. Some of the easier parts to tackle include morning walks, daily snuggles, and spoiling them with treats, toys, and attention. The more difficult wellness routines to set between you and your furry dog may include things like bathing, toothbrushing, and clipping your dog’s nails.

If you’re a person who struggles with your furry dog’s nail clippings or have been too scared to give it a go, you’re in a suitable place! We at HankPets put together some tips to help you and your furry pet feel more comfortable throughout the whole process. Let’s take a look!

How to Approach Dog Nail Clipping

  • Do Your Analysis!

Depending on the size, breed, and exercise level of your dog, they could require nail trimmings as often as once a month or as rarely as 4-6 times per year.

Generally, dogs who spend more time outdoors and on rough pavement will necessitate monthly nail trimmings, whereas less active lap dogs may need fewer sessions. It’s very important to know how often your dog’s nail trimming should happen in order to keep them pleased and prevent injury. This can often be achieved by doing a basic breed study.

  • Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Chances are if you are new to clipping your furry dog’s nails, there is going to be some trial and mistake. To prevent trimming your furry dog’s nails too short, it is best to clip a small piece of the nail off at a time.

  • Praise, Patience, and… Treats!

There is no more pleasing feeling than working on a new command with your furry dog, and after some serious tolerance and hard work, they get it right! Dog nail trimming should be treated the same way as any new action you try with your dog.

Allow them to adapt to the tools you’ll be using, the position they’re going to be in, and all the sensorial changes they’ll be experiencing. The best practice is to show awards and provide comfort regularly through the procedure of clipping your furry dog’s nails. Using positive support (and, of course, treats) with your furry pup is a great way to set and maintain trust.

Use a distraction something that can be useful if your dog is naturally resistant or hyperactive is using a distraction to shift their attention. The chances are wide open here! A few things we recommend are hiding a lick-mat with their favorite treat or compelling a friend or family member to be a calming presence while you concentrate on the task at hand – successfully clipping your furry dog’s nails.

  • Invest in Quality Tools

If you plan to include trimming your furry dog’s nails into your regular routine, it’s best to invest in a quality pair of trimmers that make sense for your dog’s size, whether large or small.

All the pet grooming experts suggest Hank dog nail cutter with super sharp blades makes cutting quick and painless in a single stroke. Hank dog nail cutter with 3.5 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades, is powerful enough to trim your pet nails with just one cut, it will stay sharp for years to come for stress-free, soft, quick, and sharp cuts.

  • Pet-Friendly Calming Aids

If your dog tends to get nervous, there are accessories available geared toward relieving stress in pets. Using a pet-friendly calming aid can help your dog calm so that you can clip their nails without as much resistance or movement. You should always confer with your veterinarian, though, to see which calming assets could best benefit your anxious furry friend!

  • Leave It to the Professionals

Trying new activities with your dog is an amazing way to make your relationship and establish trust; however, we understand that things like trimming your furry dog’s nails might not be everyone’s cup of tea, which is why there are professionals who will do the job for you!

At HankPets, we offer a variety of grooming products including dog nail cutters. Groom your furry pet at home with pet-safe grooming tools!

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