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9 Easy Ways to Control Dogs Shedding!

dog shedding

Shedding is a natural process in which a dog loses dead and damaged fur. The amount of fur a dog sheds differs from breed to breed. Some dogs shed year-round and some sheds. In general, most dogs shed extra in spring and fall. There are many reasons on which shedding depends. Some depend on seasons, skin problems, nutritional or vitamin deficiencies, and other metabolic disorders. We can’t stop shedding in any dog but there are steps you can take to make it manageable.

Following Steps to control dogs shedding: –

  • Brushing

Brushing is a primary step of dog grooming. And the important step too. Regular brushing helps to maintain a healthy coat and avoid matting. Depending on the dog’s coat type there are several types of brush present in the market.

Bristle brush: – This type of brush has recommended for longer coats. And mainly used for detangling the fur. There are many types of bristle brushes present in the market but we want a brush which full -fill all our needs. Hank Bristle brush gently removes all loose hair, knots, mats, dust, dander, etc.

Slicker brush: – This type of brush is mainly used for removing tangles and mats. When we are talking about removing mats and tangles sometimes it becomes painful also. So, we should choose a brush that feels comfortable for our furry friend.

Works gently and removes loose air and eliminates dust and dander.

Combs: – Rubber combs penetrate through your pet’s coat to the skin.

  • Water intake

Dehydrated skin is also a major reason for hair loss. The general rule is that a dog should drink one ounce of water. If your dog sheds more than usual it means that their water intake is less.

  • Healthy diet

As we all know that health requires healthy food. And losing hair is also one of the reasons that show that the diet is not proper as per the body wants.

  • Control flea and allergies

Controlling the flea is important because when the flea bites your dog. It causes itching as a result the dog starts scratching. The scratching and itching cause the hair to fall out. Using a flea comb and brushing your pet makes a healthy and well-groomed pet.

  • Fatty acid supplement

Dogs and cats need omega6 and omega3 in the diet because they can’t produce these lipids on their own. The quality of fatty acid supplements is important. The deficiency of omega6 fatty acids can cause hair fall and skin problems.

  • Regular check-ups

Many different diseases can affect your dog’s skin and hair. Some diseases get it right at home but some do not. We have to schedule regular visits to your vet to help and identify and fix problems early on.

  • Bathe

Bathing your dog is always a big task. And if you are doing it with regular bathing soap that has been made for humans it means you are doing the wrong thing. Because soaps are made for humans, not for dogs. It can cause skin problems, coat irritation, hair fall, and coat irritation. To give your dog a good bath you need the right product. Because dogs have different pH levels than others.

  • Cover the furniture

We all love pets but at the same time, we also want our house to be neat and clean. Every dog breed sheds some amount, but some of them shed enough to make a fur blanket. It becomes a little bit difficult at that time to make your furniture fur-free. The best way is to cover them. and also train our pets in such a way that they avoid getting contact with these types of furniture.

  • Visit you vet

If your dog sheds in a large amount rather than normal. Then it is the time when you have to visit for their check-ups.

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