Why Nail Trimming Is Important? And How to Trim Your Pet Nails?

Hank Dog Nail Cutter

Trimming a pet’s nails is an important task in grooming that makes your pet happy and healthy. Pet with big nails is at higher risk of being nails pulled out, such as if your dog nail gets caught on a part of carpet or furniture, this can occur a serious injury. Longer nails also make it harder for your pets to walk easily. When your pet’s long nails hit the floor repeatably, this can put more pressure on the nail bed and occur injury.

How to Trim Your Pet Nails?

  1. Pick up your pet paw gently, place your thumb on the pad of a toe and your finger on the top of the toe skin. Make assured no fur is in the way while you are cutting your pet nail.
  2. Push your thumb lightly up and backward on the pad while pushing your forefinger ahead. 
  3. Trim only the tip of the nail, straight across. Include the dewclaws. 
  4. Avoid clipping through the curve of the nail otherwise, there is a risk of the quick toenail. 

Keep in your mind, no dog or cat ever died from a quick toenail. If you ‘quick’ your pet nail, give a yummy treat to your pet.

Grinding Your Pet Nails

  • Grind your pet nails using a safe tool, such as the Hank Dog Nail Cutter with Pet nail Grinder (you can find a grinding tool inside the Dog nail cutter).
  • Only grind a small part of your pet nail at a time. Support the pet toe smoothly.
  • Grind over the bottom of the nail and then carefully from the tip of the nail.
  • Keep your pet comfortable all the time while trimming the nails.
  • If your pet should long hair, make sure to keep it back from the grinding tool for safety.

Proper nail maintenance is crucial for your pet. Weak nails can cause pain, serious injury.

If you are looking for a perfect Cat or Dog nail cutter for your pet – choose a trusted brand- Hankpets.

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