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Everyday Benefits of a Tactical Dog Harness

Military dog Harness
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Tactical dog harnesses are highly trustworthy and have been designed to serve a specific purpose for service or military dogs. They often include added areas for connecting accessories like lights, saddle bags, and bags, labels for indicating the dog is in service, and multiple leash extensions. Additionally, the core functions of the dog harness, such as the lead attachment D-Ring, buckles, and safety straps, have extra features and durability and provide the best comfort to your dogs.

All these extra features mean tactical dog harnesses can be beneficial for pet owners looking for an everyday harness with added functionality to serve their and their dog’s needs.

Why a tactical dog harness might be good for your pet

Dog harnesses like the HANK dog harness are perfect for everyday use for most pet owners. They are built to be long-lasting, safe, and comfortable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Tactical dog harnesses are specially made for service dogs and so are more suited to larger dog breeds that are more traditionally found in service roles. These contain Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and other large breed dogs.
As tactical harnesses are geared towards these types of breeds, their primary purpose is to assure the larger canines are easier to control due to better ergonomic design while also keeping the dog safe and secure, specifically when wearing the harness over long periods.

Unlike dog collars where stress distribution is isolated to a single area around the dog’s neck and throat, dog harnesses wrap around the dog’s torso so the pressure is evenly distrusted around the shoulders, upper spine, and chest. With larger breeds, using dog collars for service work can irritate the dog when trying to keep it under control. It can also be risky if a continuous amount of pressure is applied to the throat and neck area.
This is what makes dog harnesses a good choice for all doggie owners, regardless of the size of their breed. But a tactical dog harness can be a good choice for larger breed pet owners if their dog is quite active.

Benefits of tactical HANK dog harness

Tactical dog harnesses need to be functional as well as comfortable and secure. They generally have added features and include more attachment areas for accessories that would be beneficial to service dogs. These qualities can also be of great use to pet owners who have specific needs that need to be met that they might not find on regular dog harnesses. These include:

  • The added durability of the D-Ring for strong and energetic dogs.
  • Strengthened harness handles for more secure close control.
  • Extra areas for attaching safety lights for improved visibility at night or in low-light weather situations.
  • More areas for attaching a double dog leash at the front and back of the dog harness for further improved handling and better pressure disruption.
  • Extra durable and secure clips, buckles, and locks for dogs who break out of regular dog harnesses.
  • Reduced noise from buckles and clips.

Although everyday pet harnesses can offer some of these features, a tactical harness can often do all of these features while also being catered towards bigger breeds.