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Dog Belt | Adjustable No Pull Dog Harness

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Introducing HankPets' Premium, Comfy No Pull Dog Harness Collection!

Are you looking for the ideal dog harness to ensure your furry friend's safety and comfort during walks and adventures? At HankPets, We understand the importance of finding the perfect dog belt for your beloved pet. We're dedicated to providing everything you need to keep your furry companion safe and comfortable. Browse through the latest no-pull comfortable dog harness collection today to discover the ideal body leash for dogs for your furry friend!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose better fit size for my dog?

This harness comes in different sizes as per the dog's weight and size, this harness specially designed for all dog breeds. Please follow the size chart, and measure your dog's chest and neck and choose the perfect size for your dog, In any case you need help please feel free to call us: +918278844541   We are happy to help you.😊

Does this harness comfortable for daily use?

Yes, This harness designed to use for everyday, most our customers use this harness for morning walk and evening walk. It has breathable mesh padding, so your furry friend stays cool and comfortable during indoor and outdoor activity. Just make sure to take it off when your dog is sleeping so they can rest without any interruptions.

Does this harness have adjustable straps?

Yes, This harness is fully adjustable. It has four adjustable straps, two straps for the neck area at the front and two for the belly area at the back, making this harness a perfect fit for your dog with some room for growth.

Which Material use for Buckle?

The buckles are heavy-duty and made with Polypropylene and hard plastic. It can hold dog weight up to 50kg and is suitable for any heavy puller.

Is this Harness waterproof?

This harness is made from material, neoprene, and coated nylon hence it won't do harm by water but if your dog continuously plays in water then it has a chance water can go inside from the mesh padding and can wet the vest.

How to wash this harness?

This harness can be hand-washed easily, just put the harness in soapy water for 30 minutes after that gently clean dirt. Use a soft brush or cloth to gently scrub the harness

We do not recommend machine wash.

Do you have a return and replacement policy for this harness?

We offer a 7-day return and replacement policy. If, for any reason, you do not like the harness, simply avoid using it and return it within 7 days for a refund or replacement. To qualify for the return or replacement, the product must be in its original packaging and condition.

What if I face issues while placing my order or have any queries?

If you encounter any issues while placing your order or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at +918278844541. We're happy to help you.😊