Together, we can save these precious animals

HankPets Joined NGO

Hankpets founder Mr. Sunil Kumar Rana joined SHIVA Community development and voluntary association as governing body on 6th July 2022 to provide valuable support for the betterment of the organization.

Mission to Join NGO

There have been far too many instances of animal abuse and torture committed by people around the world. However, these same animals can rediscover their intense devotion to people with a little love, care, and attention.           

SHIVA Community development and voluntary association are an NGO. It is basically helping pets and animals such as cats and dogs by protecting them and providing basic amenities such as shelter, food, etc. It is safe to say that Shiva NGO is playing a crucial role in championing environmental laws and social norms and advocating pet and animal living. This NGO promotes positive social and political change on a broad scale or at a local level.