Shanti is really a fighter, She is recovering now

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Meet Shanti, She was initially rescued the last month because she had a car accident. At Dharamshala civil line road a high-speed car hit her so hard that she got severe multiple fractures. Instead of rescuing her the driver also left her with a broken leg. Shanti is a fighter and did survive the accident.  “The purpose of human life is to serve “and to show compassion and help others”, But Nowadays people were lagging in humanity. 

Shiva foundation rescued her and sent her to the veterinary hospital in Dharamshala.  The condition of Shanti is too horrible, her left side front leg is fractured, and also many parts of her body were injured severely. Nowadays people drive at high speed by closing their eyes because of the hustle and bustle of life. Human thinks as if the road is their only. Animals are also living beings; they also have the same right to walk on the road as humans. And the pain is the same for both whether human or animal. So, it’s our responsibility to drive at a controllable speed mainly in public places. As soon as we reached to Veterinary hospital, we came to know that such cases come under emergency because the dog is not able to walk properly and deep wounds are also there. The doctor said we must plaster the fractured leg and apply ointment on wounds. Some wounds are in too bad condition that they start forming pus.

  • Shanti is really a fighter she is recovering now.

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