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4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pet Nail Grinder

Hank Pet Nail Grinder

Nail trimming is essential for maintaining good health. There are two ways to maintain a dog’s nail. One is to use a nail clipper the other is to use a motorized tool called a dog grinder. When a dog has long toenails touching the floor it put pressure on the sensitive nail. In this way walking for them become painful. If we allow their nail to grow longer, they will curl over into a spiral shape and start damaging their paw pad, which leads to infection and debilitating pain as well. One indicator to look out for that our pet’s nail is too long is the clicking sound when they walk on the hard floor. That is the typical time we should trim or grind their nail.

There are many reasons why we should have a pet nail grinder with us some of them are mentioned below: –

Painless Walking

Long nails can cause severe pain for dogs which gives them discomfort while walking. Because sometimes long nail curls over into a spiral shape and which start damaging their paw pad. Our responsibility as pet parents is to groom our pets from time to time. Because if his/her nail is not trimmed or grid in time it also affects their body posture. In the market, many products are available to trim and grind dog nails, like Hank pet nail cutter, and Hank pet nail grinder. Hank nail clipper grinder is designed for easy and safe pet grooming. By using such products grooming becomes so easy for us even at home.

Body Posture

When a dog’s nails get long, he/she begins to flatten his/her feet to feel less discomfort or that pain occurs when the nail is pushing back into the toes. And as a result the more often dog posture occurs the more out of balance our dog becomes and thus it increases the chances to have an injury. Long toenails cause many problems related to a dog’s body such as:-

  • It causes severe stress on joints
  • Cause pain in the joints
  • Causes imbalance in the body posture

By using a proper nail grinding tool we can prevent our dog from such problems.

Fewer Chances of Infection

If a nail is broken it may sometimes also start making a pus-like formation and the pet may be also licking it. It increases the chances of bacterial infection, and sometimes fungal infection too. We should keep our dog’s nails trimmed for a healthier life.

Grinding Is The Best Solution 

Trimming or cutting our dog’s nails can be tricky because sometimes it is tricky to know the exact size of the dog’s nail so rather than trimming and cutting we should go for grinding the dog’s nail with a nail grinder. Because the nail grinder reduces the chances of breakage or cracks, uneven pressure, and pain after trimming. Nail grinders are easy to use and a one-time investment for pet parents. With Hank pet nail grinder you can make easy and safe pet grooming at home. Let’s trim the dog’s nails professionally at home with a Hank pet nail grinder.